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   The Virtualization Roadmap with Steve Duplessie
Virtual Machines Invade Storage with Brian Babineau
Digging into iSCSI with Stephen Foskett
The Next Steps of Storage Virtualization with Marc Staimer
   Getting a handle on iSCSI with Mark Bowker
   Getting Set for eDiscovery with Michael A. Clark
   Deduplication and CDP with W. Curtis Preston
   Improving Backup Operations with W. Curtis Preston
   Scaling Storage with Clustering with Greg Schulz
   Business Continuity: Ensuring Availability with DR with Bill Peldzus
   Data Deduplication: Backup's Next Frontier with W. Curtis Preston
   How Archive and Encryption Impact Backup with W. Curtis Preston
   Disaster Recovery Testing Techniques with Jon Toigo
   Building a DR Plan with Bill Peldzus Videocasts

The Virtualization Roadmap
Steve Duplessie, Analyst and Founder, Enterprise Strategy Group

Implementing and evaluating storage virtualization continues to be high-on-mind for many storage managers. But, how did we get to this point in the storage continuum? Steve Duplessie builds a virtualization roadmap. Steve tells you exactly what you need to know about virtualization. He also covers the phenomenon known as VMware in this videocast.

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Virtual machines invade storage
Brian Babineau, Senior Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group

In this videocast, Enterprise Strategy Group's Brian Babineau discusses the inherent benefits of a virtualized storage environment and how it compliments a virtualized server environment. Brian argues that increased availability, efficient data protection, and improved utilization are all by-products of the next generation data center achieved when both servers and storage work together.

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Digging into iSCSI
Stephen Foskett, Director of Data Practice, Contoural

IP storage isn't just for the little guys any more. Increasingly large organizations are adopting iSCSI as a viable and cost-effective SAN option. In this videocast with Stephen Foskett from Contoural, learn the benefits and pitfalls of iSCSI. Stephen dispels some myths about performance and cost against its Fibre Channel brethren.

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Next Steps of Storage Virtualization
Marc Staimer, President and CDS, Dragon Slayer Consulting

Large or small, Marc Staimer believes it is going to be more disruptive to NOT implement virtualization than to install it. Major production implementations are becoming commonplace. Quite a few are planning or implementing virtualization to deliver storage and its functionality as such a service. This videocast will prepare you for designing, developing and deploying a plan that specifically addresses the unique issues surrounding a successful implementation of virtualization delivered storage as a service and will allow storage to move from a cost to profit center.

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Getting a handle on iSCSI
Mark Bowker, Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group

This expert videocast discusses the major iSCSI myths and dispels them with ESG research. Additionally, we discuss the value and the vision of iSCSI over the long term -- which extends beyond just lower cost and easier management but towards an evolution of storage networking.

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Getting Set for eDiscovery
Michael A. Clark, Managing Director, EDDix LLC

Arguably, the changes to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure provide much-needed clarity to litigants with respect to electronic discovery. Un-arguably, IT now has additional responsibilities and risks to manage in team with legal, records management and the operating business units. In this Expert Videocast, Michael A. Clark describes the changed legal environment and the implications for IT – both near-term and over the long haul.

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Deduplication and CDP
W. Curtis Preston, VP Data Protection, GlassHouse Technologies

Where is the future of backup heading? How viable are technologies such as data deduplication and continuous data protection? In this videocast, Glasshouse Technologies' VP of Data Protection covers the basics and the benefits of some emerging backup technologies.

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Improving Backup Operations
W. Curtis Preston, VP Data Protection, GlassHouse Technologies

In this videocast, GlassHouse Technologies' VP of Data Protection W. Curtis Preston talks about diagnosing the root of your backup bottlenecks. He'll also cover why disk-based backup may be the best step to improving operations.

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Scaling Storage with Clustering
Greg Schulz,Senior Analyst & Founder, StorageIO

Greg Schulz, Founder and a Senior Analyst for the StorageIO Group, looks at clustered storage as a technique to scale both I/Os to meet transaction processing and bandwidth along with other cluster storage scaling benefits for both SAN and NAS environments.

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Business Continuity: Ensuring Availability with DR
William (Bill) R. Peldzus, Director of Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery & Data Center, GlassHouse Technologies

A major component of a solid business continuity plan is making sure you can efficiently recover your data in a useable form following an outage of any sort. Having an effective disaster recovery plan is crucial. But where do you begin your planning? How do you know you're planning correctly? In this Videocast, Bill Peldzus of GlassHouse Technologies looks at how DR fits in to a business continuity plan and provides best practices to make sure you're heading in the right direction.

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Data Deduplication: Backup's Next Frontier
W. Curtis Preston, VP Data Protection, GlassHouse Technologies

In this videocast, W. Curtis Preston gets into the nitty-gritty on data deduplication. Different from compression, identifying and getting rid of redundant data could save companies huge amounts of capacity -- translating into big dollar savings. Curtis will also cover dedupe performance, in-line vs. post process dedupe, the different types of data referencing and clears up the biggest dedupe misconceptions.

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How Archive and Encryption Impact Backup
W. Curtis Preston, VP Data Protection, GlassHouse Technologies

Long-term data retention starts with a good archiving policy and practice. But, don't mistake those backups for archives. In this videocast, W. Curtis Preston talks about what archives are, how they differ from backups and how they should be set up. Curtis also covers the intricacies of data encryption. This video looks at both software and hardware-based encryption methods.

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Disaster Recovery Testing Techniques
Jon William Toigo, CEO and managing principal of Toigo Partners International, chairman of the Data Management Institute

A disaster recovery (DR) plan is worthless unless you test it. In this Videocast, Jon William Toigo discusses the best testing techniques. Jon will talk about the four approaches to testing and detail how each of those tests might work in your organization. Jon gets in-depth on how to prepare for a test, prepare management and how to best prepare your company for a DR test. Jon will also talk about testing execution and analysis.

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Building a DR Plan
William (Bill) R. Peldzus, Director of Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery & Data Center , GlassHouse Technologies

Devising a solid DR plan can be the difference between keeping your business going or closing up shop. This videocast with GlassHouse's Bill Peldzus covers the intricacies of a DR plan. Bill looks at replication, RTO vs. RPO and how to test your plan.

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This was first published in November 2007

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