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Novell 5.1 and Shark

What do you think of the IBM Shark and the Novell 5.1x server environment? Also what is your thought about the Tivoli backup solution?
I don't know of any reason why Shark would not work with a NetWare 5.1 installation - it should be fine. I think the Tivoli backup product has its origins in IBM's ADSM (Adstar Distributed Storage Manager). I never used it, but it had a pretty good architecture. From what I recall it worked well with NetWare systems. I guess I wouldn't hesitate to use it. However, if all you want to do is backup a few servers, it is probably overkill.

Editor's note: Reader Jim Cockrill has offered further input on this subject.

I have sold the IBM Shark and Tivoli TSM and they are both extreme quality, but you might plan on having deep pockets. This technology combined is a powerful solution for Enterprise or larger clients. There is no reason for someone to risk losing their job by suggesting to the CFO that he/she spend that much money unless your infrastructure requires it. Think on the scale of a Xiotech Magnitude or a Compaq array and a much less robust backup software for backing up a few servers. They are reasonable in cost and scale well for future growth.

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This was last published in October 2001

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