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May 2004

  • Disk's new role in backup

    By inserting a disk staging area between a backup server and a tape library, you're able to back up more servers simultaneously, leading to quicker restores.

  • FAQ: Serverless backup

    Our site experts define serverless backup, explain the difference between LAN-free backups and serverless backups, and tell how to design a server-free backup architecture.

  • Errors in Exchange backups

    In this tip, Rick Cook outlines various dilemmas that could lead to errors while backing up your Microsoft Exchange Server, and shows you what the ultimate fix is.

  • EMC and StorageTek get friendly?

    EMC has been posturing for months about beefing up its tape strategy. Analysts say it sounds like there's a deal in the works with StorageTek

  • User spends over $60k on storage security for HIPAA

    Adding hardware-based storage security to his network depleted his technology budget, but for a user who handles sensitive health care records, it's a small price to pay to be able to sleep at night.

  • More on centralizing backups the right way

  • Mac market ripe for backup software boon

    Atempo said it has found a new sweet spot in the backup market. It claims much of the new reference data being created, such as documentary imagery and digital photos, are being stored on Macs.

  • The path from disk to tape in a LAN-free backup

    Storage expert Chris Poelker details the data path from disk to tape in a LAN-free backup.

  • Domino backups getting easier but still challenging

    Backing up Lotus Domino is a lot easier with the versions R5 and R6. However, there are still a number of challenges to making effective backups of Domino servers, listed here.

  • Think small to avert big disasters

    Jon Toigo says there are several approaches to dealing with the prospect of the loss of a single critical file, and outlines three of them here.