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August 2006

  • Continuous data protection requires a clear purpose in the enterprise

    Snapshots and replication techniques go a long way toward safeguarding data, but continuous data protection (CDP) can preserve data when recovery point objectives (RPO) and recovery time objectives...

  • Email retention policy: A step-by-step approach

    Bill Tolson outlines the steps you should take to create an effective records retention policy for your organization's email.

  • Best practices for long-term tape archives

    The advantages of using tape to store long-term archival and compliance data include low cost per gigabyte and relative ease of transportability, assuming the tapes do not get lost in transit. Lear...

  • Portable storage

    Any thoughts on portable storage? We are thinking of adding external HDs for offsite backups (still using a tape for some critical data). My thinking was that we would get two external HDs that wou...

  • Effective data backups: Seven rules to follow

    If you're responsible for data backups on multiple systems, a strong policy. is highly recommended This tip gives you seven rules to follow for effective data backups.

  • Download Backup Guide Chapter 2: Tape (PDF)

    You asked for it, so here it is -- a printable version of our Backup All-In-One Guide. Download Chapter 2: Tape in .pdf format now.