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October 2008

  • Virtual tape library (VTL) data deduplication FAQ

    John Merryman, services director for recovery services at GlassHouse Technologies Inc., discusses the pros and cons of virtual tape library (VTL) data deduplication and the state of the VTL dedupli...

  • NetApp releases long-awaited VTL data deduplication

    NetApp is last to the party with secondary-storage data deduplication, but said it's taking a new approach to dedupe designed specifically for its own VTL.

  • Data deduplication FAQ

    Will you be able to achieve the huge data reduction ratios that data deduplication vendors are touting? In this FAQ guide, analyst Jerome Wendt answers the most common data deduplication questions ...

  • Online backup services get a thumbs up

    Online backup services are being successfully implemented by small to midsized businesses (SMBs) and enterprise users.

  • VMware backup improving, but still problematic

    Organizations are turning to VMware and other vendors to virtualize servers running mission-critical applications. But backing up virtual servers is still difficult.

  • Overland replication appliance integrates with backup catalog

    Overland's REO Compass replication device for virtual and physical tape data tracks remote copies through Backup Exec's catalogs.

  • VMware backup tutorial

    Learn all about VMware backup with this collection of articles on VMware backup and restore, VMware Consolidated Backup, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure and more.

  • Data backup and recovery resources

    Data backup and recovery are ongoing areas of development. Stay ahead of the learning curve with help from this fast resource guide.

  • Virtual server backup FAQ

    How much are virtualized server environments affecting backup processes? Mark Bowker, analyst with the Enterprise Strategy Group, answers the most common questions about virtual server backup from ...

  • Tape Encryption FAQ

    How can you protect your tapes once they leave your hands? Pierre Dorion, Data Center Practice Director with Long View Systems Inc., answers today's most common tape encryption questions. His answe...

  • Server-free backup FAQ

    Not too long ago, server-free backup was the best option for backing up large data sets. However, there are some legitimate alternatives available today. W. Curtis Preston discusses how server-free...

  • Backup vs. archive

    Data backups and archives are different things. Backup and recovery expert Pierre Dorion discusses the role of backups vs. archives and why you shouldn't mistake one for the other.

  • Top 10 things to ask a vendor when buying backup software

    Before you rush out to buy new data backup software, here are 10 questions you should ask potential backup vendors to help you decide what is best for your backup environment.

  • Backup reporting FAQ

    The old joke, "The backup is fine -- it's the restore that doesn't work," is all too often true. But tools designed specifically to monitor and report on backups can help eliminate those restore su...

  • Zmanda takes Windows to the cloud

    Open-source backup company Zmanda is branching out with a closed-source Windows-only integration with Amazon's S3.

  • Five things backup administrators should know about VMware Consolidated Backup

    VMware Consolidated Backup requires some preparation and understanding for backup administrators used to the traditional physical backup solution.

  • Medical center dedupes its way to better backups and disaster recovery

    Roger Williams Medical Center turns to data deduplication for improved backups after massive data growth and combines dedupe and VMotion for disaster recovery.

  • Dell launches backup bundle with Symantec and CommVault

    Symantec and CommVault have connected backup software to Dell's MD1000i hardware to create Dell's first disk-to-disk backup appliance.

  • Deduplication and disk backup

    In this Expert Videocast, W. Curtis Preston highlights data deduplication technologies -- the features, the benefits and how different solutions differ from each other.

  • Backing up and recovering Microsoft Exchange Server data

    The solutions to the most common Microsoft Exchange Server backup and restore problems are discussed in part two of our series on backing up Exchange Server data.