Manage and Protect Data Anytime, Anywhere

Learn how IT pros tackle Apple-ization (and IT consumerization and BYOD) challenges; how they benefit their enterprises via tangible, real-world solutions; and how they are advancing their careers.


    Additional Resources
    • Entertrise Endpoint Backup Checklist

      This crucial paper provides a helpful checklist of the requirements an enterprise endpoint backup strategy needs to satisfy in order to properly and successfully protect the data stored on your endpoints.

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    • Enterprise Security Checklist

      This informative paper provides a checklist for increasing your security and updating your processes for better protection. Find out how thorough your current security system is and where you need to strengthen your defenses.

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    • Enterprise Mobile Security Checklist

      This exclusive resource examines some helpful considerations for establishing a successful mobile environment, providing a crucial checklist to help evaluate your environment before implementing an enterprise mobility management (EMM) strategy.

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    • Checklist: 5 Impactful Tips for Securing BYOD in the Enterprise

      This comprehensive checklist includes 5 critical things to consider when constructing a mobile security strategy so that your organization can confidently utilize BYOD initiatives without worry of risk.

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    • The Apple-ization of the Enterprise: Understanding IT's New World

      This informative paper examines some of the common challenges that enterprise mobility can bring and discusses what tools you can utilize in order to satisfy the needs of both IT and end users.

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