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Manage and Protect Data Anytime, Anywhere

Learn how IT pros tackle Apple-ization (and IT consumerization and BYOD) challenges; how they benefit their enterprises via tangible, real-world solutions; and how they are advancing their careers.

Enterprise Security & Protection

  • Endpoint Backup & Restore: Protect Everyone, Everywhere

    An expert explains how to leverage cross-platform enterprise endpoint backup in the public cloud.

  • Mobile Security: Containerizing Enterprise Data

    Learn how trends like mobility and BYOD are driving the need for containerization of data.

  • Mobility Mayhem: Balancing BYOD with Enterprise Security

    Discover how BYOD can affect your security strategy, and get tips for securing a mobile workforce.

  • Security Update: Inside the Latest Threats

    Learn how malware threats work, and what you can do to protect your enterprise and users.

  • Unmasking the Differences between Consumer and Enterprise File Sync & Share

    Discover the differences between consumer-grade and enterprise-ready sync and share.

Tips for Navigating the Business

  • IT's New World: Understanding Today's Empowered Employee

    BYOD and mobilization are enabling users like never before – learn how to aid empowered end users.

  • Working with the Business: Getting Past the Geek/Non-Geek Conflict

    Learn how to bridge the gap between geeks and non-geeks in the age of IT consumerization and BYOD.

  • Geek's Guide to Presenting to Business People

    Learn how to effectively introduce technical initiatives to non-technical users.

  • How to Drive User Adoption in New Technology Deployment

    In this webinar, Paul Glen, author of "The Geek Leader's Handbook," shares how user adoption is the key to a successful deployment of new technology.

Enterprise Mobility Management

  • Client Management: Simplifying Life for System Admins

    Find out how implementing a client management strategy can defeat common consumerization challenges.

  • Mind the Gap! Embracing Enterprise Mobility Management

    Get advice from an expert on how to embrace mobility management concepts like MDM, MAM and BYOD.

  • Enterprise vs. the iPad: 7 Steps to Avoid Deployment Disaster

    Get tips for successful enterprise iPad deployments, based on an expert’s missteps and successes.


  • Tips for Working with "The Business"

    This whitepaper explores the future of IT and explains why it belongs to people who are able to translate business visions into technical realities.

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  • Tips for Presenting to Business People

    Presenting to "the Business" can be one of the most intimidating things that technical IT pros do as part of their standard job. This guide outlines strategies for giving a top-notch presentation.

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  • Tips for Driving User Adoption in New Technology Deployment

    How can you successfully deploy a new technology and ensure users are on board? In this on-demand webinar, Paul Glen, author of "The Geek Leader's Handbook," delves into the interpersonal issues IT faces when implementing a new technology and shares how user adoption is the key to a successful deployment.

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