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Brien Posey
This chapter is included in the "What you should know about the deduplication process" E-Book.

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The fourth chapter of this e-book discusses things to consider about the way deduplication is performed and the ways that dedupe integrates with other data protection processes. It offers information about how deduplication can impact restore time and the different approaches vendors take to speed restores of deduped data. It can take longer to restore deduped data than a comparable restoration might take, had the data not been deduplicated at all. The degree to which the deduplication tax becomes an issue depends on the nature of the restoration, the vendor product being used, and the method used to deduplicate the data. This chapter also takes a look at how deduplication integrates with other data protection processes such as replication, encryption/compression, cloud and archiving. For instance, some forms of replication can be problematic when used in conjunction with deduplication.   Access >>>

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Brien Posey

Brien M. Posey, MCSE, has previously received Microsoft's MVP ... Read More

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