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February 2017, Vol. 15, No. 12

'Holistic' data protection tools, a marketing meme on the rise

Like many folks, I find myself put off by certain words that pop up often in advertisements for various products and services. Holistic is one of those words. Usually associated with healthcare woo, holistic medicine probably started as a smart idea, instructing patients and providers to look beyond point solutions to consider the broader context for injuries or ailments. But somewhere along the way, it was seized upon by marketing folks to incorporate a lot of unscientific nonsense into claims about certain products or treatment modalities. A lot of today's data protection marketing incorporates the "holistic" meme. Vendors are starting to disparage these so-called "point solutions" and offer suites of data protection tools under one brand name and management console. That's holistic data protection, I guess. Holistic data protection Of course, there is merit to the claims of an Arcserve or an Acronis about the need to have a free-standing instantiation of data protection services set apart from services included in the ...

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