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Vol. 9 Num. 5 July/August 2010

Continuous data protection; it's back!

When CDP products first appeared a few years ago, the benefits were clear, but implementation and other issues quickly stifled interest. Now CDP is making a comeback, and it might just be the future of data backup. Continuous data protection (CDP) and related products are the future of backup. There's no question CDP products failed to live up to the hype when they first appeared several years ago. But it's also true that the way CDP was (and is) designed solves virtually every major problem that has plagued backup and recovery systems for decades, and offers recovery time objectives (RTOs) and recovery point objectives (RPOs) that traditional backup systems can only dream of. Current CDP products have also addressed most of the shortcomings the first batch of products had. The CDP buzz may be gone, but the reality of CDP is stronger than ever. A few years ago it seemed like every other booth at storage trade shows was occupied by a CDP vendor, and a steady stream of technical articles extolled the virtues of continuous data ...

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  • Align data protection with business importance

    There's a big difference between backup and business continuity. Any-point-in-time technologies can extend data protection so that application use is protected as well.

  • The new primary storage

    A technology borrowed from backup may end up the biggest thing to happen to storage in a long time.

  • Cloud storage ecosystems mature

    by  Terri McClure

    Vendors have emerged that provide a bridge to cloud storage services, as well as extended security, availability and portability to cloud storage service provider offerings.