Any unexpected developments in the data protection market?

When vendors started selling products in the continuous data protection (CDP) space, they were primarily selling what we would call an enterprise CDP-type of solution...

One is in the continuous data protection (CDP) space. When vendors started selling products in this space, they were primarily selling what we would call an enterprise CDP-type of solution. There would be an appliance sitting in a network collecting data off of a very large server. Those were targeted for use at large database and Exchange installations that required a very granular, rapid-restore capability.

What we've seen develop is an entirely different segment for CDP in the laptop and remote office backup space. It is leveraging CDP technology primarily because of its low bandwidth requirements. CDP is basically picking up every write as it occurs and storing it on some sort of a disk-based journal. The bandwidth requirements for something like that are actually quite small. This provides an excellent way to perform backup in the background all through the day so you can spread that bandwidth use out across a 24-hour period, as opposed to trying to shove all of that data through the pipe in a very short period of time by performing a periodic backup.

What's surprising is that the amount of revenue being generated for laptop, remote office backup and other disk-connected client-type backups using CDP is about as large as the market is for enterprise CDP.

This was last published in July 2008

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