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Email archiving process <<previous|next>> :Legally speaking, isn't it a violation of an individual employee's privacy to archive their email?


Is it important to capture email metadata in the archive? Why?

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In my opinion, the answer is "yes." Email normally has some metadata associated with it, including: where it came from; the server path; etc. If the company is sued (or is suing another company), they will be discovering (or asking for) emails within the system. Having metadata around the message or messages can prove that it's an original message, it came through a certain set of servers, it arrived at a specific time and the message was reviewed at a certain time -- all of this metadata usually helps to prove originality and immutability of the message. If you have a choice, be sure to archive the entire email, any attachments and the associated metadata, so that you have a full picture of the email.

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19 Oct 2006

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