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Frequently asked questions-File Archiving FAQ

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What are the compliance implications around file archiving?

Compliance has been a huge driver for archiving -- there's even a common misperception that archiving is only for compliance purposes. One compliance implication of file archiving includes data preservation; storing data in an unalterable form and establish a chain of custody. Classification and search features are also important for compliance because data must be located and retrieved quickly once it's actually needed. Finally, data deletion features affect compliance since data must be destroyed once it has reached the end of its retention period.

With the popularity and affordability of disk-based archive platforms, file archiving is also being used to support various initiatives, including litigation management, intellectual property search and allowing tiered storage to address storage management performance. Another implication around file archiving is scalability. An archiving platform must scale to meet current and future needs.

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17 Apr 2007

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