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What's the biggest mistake you see companies make when adopting an email archiving solution?

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The biggest mistake is when a company reacts to a specific event and purchases technology without fully understanding all of the problems that they really need to solve. There are four or five main problems that companies try to solve when it comes to email archiving: regulatory requirements, litigation/discovery problems, storage and management (often due to the migration of large PST files to network servers), user productivity impacted by time spent searching mail and managing mailboxes. A few years ago, many companies reacted to the Sarbanes-Oxley law by purchasing the first solution that they found. But after they spent the money and installed the solution, additional problems started to crop up that they had not considered.

Unfortunately, a company will often see one of those issues appear and implement a solution that answers that one problem without considering the other potential issues. You should completely understand all of the problems that you would potentially want to solve before making an email archive purchase decision.

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19 Oct 2006

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