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What's the second biggest mistake?

Companies don't bother to create an email retention policy and put the policy into place before they go out and buy the technology. Once you purchase the technology and install it, what policies are you going to set when you turn it on? Creating a company-wide policy with all major departments included in the decision-making process will help when setting the archive system policies later on. I've seen companies get to the point where they've made a technology choice and brought it in, and now the system is just sitting there because nobody knows what policies to setup.

Email archiving information
Email retention policy: A step-by-step approach 

Choosing an email archiving strategy
Creating a document or email retention policy can take some time because every major group within the company should have the opportunity to examine their needs and provide their input. For example, a human resources department has to deal with many data retention laws. Legal departments, engineering, finance and other departments each have unique retention needs that should be considered long before an equipment purchase is made.

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19 Oct 2006

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