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Data backup hardware

The Storage magazine/ data backup hardware 2012 Products of the Year category covers tape libraries, tape drives, backup storage media, disk backup targets, virtual tape libraries, data deduplication devices and gateway appliances for cloud backup.

The three top choices in the backup hardware category are a product that uses virtualization to eliminate multiple copies of data created by separate data protection applications, a data protection and disaster recovery appliance that lets organizations use cloud storage for backup, and a deduplicating backup target device that can encrypt backup data.

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Actifio PAS 5.0

Gold winner Storage 2012 Products of the Year Actifio Protection and Availability Storage (PAS) 5.0, our Gold awards winner, offers Virtual Data Pipeline technology that creates virtual point-in-time copies of production data on-demand, eliminating backup/restore windows and making data instantly available to any business application. This enables only one copy to be saved and incremental changes to be tracked on top of it. Capabilities for cloud providers include multi-tenancy, network optimization, advanced reporting capabilities, and API and schema access for OSS/BSS integration.

Riverbed Whitewater 3010 with Whitewater Operating System 2.0

Silver winner Storage 2012 Products of the Year Riverbed Technology's Whitewater 3010 with Whitewater Operating System (WWOS) 2.0 delivers local-like performance for cloud backup workloads. Enterprises are now able to support up to 32 TB of deduplicated local storage and 160 TB of deduplicated cloud storage. WWOS 2.0 also offers increased data ingest performance (1.5 TB per hour) for faster processing of larger backups. The addition of Active Directory support, a management dashboard and remote management provides organizations with simplified centralized administration/management.

ExaGrid Systems EX130-GRID with Secure Erase

Bronze winner Storage 2012 Products of the Year ExaGrid's EX130-GRID with Secure Erase is a disk-based backup system with deduplication that can hold up to 16 weeks of retention. The product's Secure Erase feature overwrites affected disk areas, and is fully compliant with DoD standard 5220.22-M and NIST standard SP800-88. To ensure that data at rest is always encrypted, the 130 TB encrypted disk backup system uses Seagate's Self-Encrypting Drive with128-bit AES. All data and configuration settings are encrypted.

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