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Data deduplication is one of the most useful data reduction technologies in data backup and recovery today. Learn about file-level vs. block-level dedupe products, and about global vs. source dedupe in this section. Explore resources on data reduction and deduplication here, including tips and advice on choosing a data deduplication solution and about disk-to-disk backup and data dedupe. Read about the benefits of single-instance storage, data compression and other data reduction methods. Learn about how to choose a data deduplication vendor, and find news, trends and information about data reduction products. Find out about data dedupe best practices and listen to podcasts and interviews from enterprise data storage industry experts. Read data deduplication and backup tutorials, and ask our data reduction and deduplication experts your most important questions.

Data reduction and deduplication News

  • February 11, 2016 11 Feb'16

    NEC HYDRAstor v4.4

    The NEC HYDRAstor version 4.4 is viewed as the most scalable target dedupe appliance and its Universal Deduped Transfer offers source-side dedupe to reduce bandwidth usage.

  • February 11, 2016 11 Feb'16

    ExaGrid Systems EX32000E version 4.9

    The ExaGrid EX32000E version 4.9 backup hardware appliance and its deduplication software offer capacity for 25 appliances and support 15 data centers for cross-site DR.

  • February 11, 2016 11 Feb'16

    Oracle Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance

    The Oracle Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance is integrated with RMAN and Oracle Enterprise Manager and is designed to drastically reduce data-loss exposure.

  • December 04, 2015 04 Dec'15

    Smarter data storage tools needed for smarter storage

    Yesterday's data storage tools are ill-equipped to handle today's data storage needs, but a handful of vendors have new products that can help.

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