Data storage backup tools

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  • Backup and archive continue to converge

    Backup and archive aren't the same thing (we're well past that notion), but they may still leverage the same technologies.

  • Flash storage technology decisions

    Just about as quickly as we learn the merits of a new solid-state form factor, a new one appears. While the use and location of spinning disk storage is limited, solid-state offers a number of deployment and form-factor alternatives, including server-based storage, hybrid arrays, acceleration appliances and all-flash arrays. The best solution will depend on the specific problem you're using flash storage technology to solve.

    Cloud storage promises unlimited capacity, ubiquitous access and lower storage bills -- but is it appropriate for all applications? We look at some typical business apps and determine how much of the storage associated with those apps can be moved to cloud storage services.

    While it's not so popular as a storage operating system anymore, Windows Server does boast some sophisticated storage managements features -- especially in the latest "R2" release of WinServer 2012.

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  • Considerations for aging application backup amid technology changes

    Brien Posey looks at why backup administrators must consider the impact of changing technology with regard to aging application backup.

  • Implement backup data deduplication with deduplicating disk backup targets

    While many companies have embraced backup data deduplication as a key component of their backup operations, others are still evaluating the technology to determine where it will fit within their data protection infrastructures. Initially available from just a few hardware vendors, backup dedupe is now available in hardware and software versions with varying capabilities and capacities. Deduplicating disk backup targets remains a popular way to implement backup data dedupe, and there are alternatives for file-based and virtual tape library devices.

    We describe the key features you'll need to consider when evaluating a deduplicating backup disk system, including ingest rates, deduplication ratios, ease of implementation, compatibility with backup and restore apps, and support of APIs that can improve performance and distribute the dedupe process between hardware and software resources.

  • data retention policy

    A data retention policy is an organization's established protocol for retaining information for operational or regulatory compliance needs.

  • Data archiving system selection dependent on features, capabilities

    Once you've determined the specific data archiving needs of your organization, you'll have to sift through existing products to find the best fit.

  • How to create a successful data archiving strategy

    A good archiving process provides the automation needed to deliver the necessary application granularity while minimizing the impact to IT operations.

  • Data backup hardware: 2013 Products of the Year finalists

    Data backup hardware category finalists range from Oracle's high-speed, ultra-high-capacity tape drive to Riverbed's cloud-attached appliance.

  • Data backup process angst persists, but dedupe and cloud offer relief

    Our latest survey finds respondents implementing deduplication and evaluating cloud backup services to deal with issues in their data backup process.

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  • Crump: Data protection challenges with virtualization and unstructured data

    George Crump discusses protecting data in virtual server environments and the data protection challenges associated with backing up unstructured data.

  • EMC tailors data protection products for app admins

    EMC wants to make its data protection products -- including Data Domain, Avamar, NetWorker, Vplex -- more appealing to non-backup administrators.

  • Law firm takes new approach to VM data protection with Exablox OneBlox

    To protect virtual machines on-site and for DR, law firm bypasses traditional disk backup for commodity-hardware-based Exablox OneBlox.

  • Ten common reasons why virtual machine backups fail

    Virtual machine backups can fail, and when they do, you must determine the cause of the failure. Here are 10 common reasons for VM backup failure.

  • Cancer hospital cures VM backup woes

    Roswell Park Cancer Institute struggled with VM backups and restores until it combined Veeam software and Hewlett-Packard StoreOnce disk targets.

  • Identify and conquer today's backup challenges

    The last several years have brought about changes and challenges for backup administrators. Many have relied upon the same approach to data backups for decades, but the tried-and-true approach of nightly backups is becoming impractical. Exponential data growth, the need for more frequent data protection and other challenges have forced administrators to look for alternatives to traditional data backups.

    This chapter takes a look at the toughest backup challenges IT professionals face. Learn the factors contributing to data growth, the specifics about how this data is generated and why virtual servers present new challenges when it comes to backup. Mobile device backup and BYOD also present unique challenges for IT. This chapter outlines specific considerations for protecting data on the wide array of smartphones and tablets used in organizations today.

  • Ten common reasons for VM restore failure

    When a VM restore fails, you must troubleshoot quickly. Event logs are a good start, but can be cryptic. Here are 10 causes of VM restore failures.

  • HotLink improves VMware DR tool using AWS

    HotLink DR Express protects virtual machines in VMware by using Amazon Web Services (AWS) as a target in the cloud.

  • Acronis backup strategy: Protect any data, anywhere

    Acronis CEO Serguei Beloussov discusses streamlining Acronis Backup software products with 'data anywhere' strategy to cope with new data challenges.

  • The evolving state of the backup target

    Tape drives, tape libraries and virtual tape libraries are among the popular backup target options available today.

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