Data storage backup tools

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  • Navigate large file backup challenges

    Although media capacity and backup application compatibility issues have disappeared, Brien Posey looks at the remaining large file backup challenges.

  • Schulz: Take a 4-3-2-1 approach to backing up data

    Greg Schulz says you should keep four versions of data, including three copies in two different locations, one of which is off-site.

  • EMC's Rob Emsley on modern data protection

    Greg Schulz of StorageIO discusses the evolution of modern data protection with Rob Emsley of EMC in this video from EMC World 2014 in Las Vegas.

  • The critical role of archiving systems

    Archiving data is more important than ever; it ensures proper data retention, saves space and eases the backup burden.

  • Mend traditional data protection methods with new technology

    Getting the redundancy out of data protection methods may require tools that don't yet exist.

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  • Backup and archive continue to converge

    Backup and archive aren't the same thing (we're well past that notion), but they may still leverage the same technologies.

  • Flash storage technology decisions

    Just about as quickly as we learn the merits of a new solid-state form factor, a new one appears. While the use and location of spinning disk storage is limited, solid-state offers a number of deployment and form-factor alternatives, including server-based storage, hybrid arrays, acceleration appliances and all-flash arrays. The best solution will depend on the specific problem you're using flash storage technology to solve.

    Cloud storage promises unlimited capacity, ubiquitous access and lower storage bills -- but is it appropriate for all applications? We look at some typical business apps and determine how much of the storage associated with those apps can be moved to cloud storage services.

    While it's not so popular as a storage operating system anymore, Windows Server does boast some sophisticated storage managements features -- especially in the latest "R2" release of WinServer 2012.

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  • Considerations for aging application backup amid technology changes

    Brien Posey looks at why backup administrators must consider the impact of changing technology with regard to aging application backup.

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  • Dell extends AppAssure, backup appliance platforms

    Dell upgrades AppAssure backup software and rolls out new integrated and virtual backup appliances for remote offices/SMBs.

  • Jeweler finds a gem in cloud-to-cloud backup

    Jeweler Kendra Scott turns to Spanning Cloud Apps cloud-to-cloud backup to protecting data inside Google Apps.

  • New Catalogic CEO: Instant recovery is the new wave

    Catalogic CEO Ed Walsh says we're in a third wave of data protection, which requires instant recovery rather than slow tape or expensive disk backups.

  • Seagate, Skyera partner for flash-accelerated backup, restores

    Skyera says it can speed restores of off-site and cloud backup using its flash with Seagate's EVault cloud backup software.

  • Users pick Asigra and Veeam as top backup applications

    Both the enterprise and midrange categories saw first-time winners in our ninth annual Quality Awards for backup and recovery software.

  • A lesson in flash caching

    Solid-state storage is proliferating as a replacement for hard disk drives, where it offers a quick shift into the fast lane of storage processing. But flash can also be used with hard disks for a low-cost solution that delivers nearly equivalent performance. Using flash caching produces faster writes and even faster reads. But it’s important to know that there are three basic types of caching -- file-level, block-level and aggregated caching -- each with its own best-use case.

    Object-storage is hot, with lots of buzz about how this new storage architecture offers enormous scalability, better file management and lower cost. We’ll tell you what it’s all about and how it might fit into your environment.

    The results of our ninth annual Quality Awards survey for backup and recovery software are in; see which midrange and enterprise backup applications users have the most confidence in.

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  • More backup application vendors support object storage

    Independent backup expert Brien Posey discusses whether backup application vendors are adding support for object storage today and why.

  • The impact of the 'third platform of IT' on backup processes

    Brien Posey discusses the impact that the 'third platform of IT' will have on traditional backup processes in this Expert Answer.

  • Zero backup 'less flexible' than traditional backup

    What environments can benefit from a 'zero backup' approach?

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  • Is backup modernization the end of legacy backup?

    Independent backup expert Brien Posey discusses whether backup modernization is vendor hype and whether it means the end of legacy backup.

  • Server virtualization drives interest in backup monitoring software

    Independent backup expert Brien Posey discusses why server virtualization is driving increased interest in backup monitoring software.

  • Zerto poised to build out Cloud Fabric for cloud-to-cloud DR

    Zerto plans to take its replication for virtual machines a step further with Cloud Fabric, which will move workloads between clouds and hypervisors.

  • Meet service-level objectives for 'recovery in place'

    George Crump discusses the challenges associated with meeting service-level objectives for 'recovery in place' in this video from Storage Decisions.

  • Hypervisor-based replication in VMware and Hyper-V

    Independent backup expert Brien Posey discusses native hypervisor-based replication in VMware and Hyper-V, in this Expert Answer.

  • Nakivo upgrade focuses on Exchange recovery

    Virtual backup specialist Nakivo turns attention to Microsoft with greater Exchange support and roadmap plans for Active Directory and Hyper-V.

  • Identify data backup solutions for today's challenges

    This primer on data protection looks at backup challenges that IT shops face today while identifying the available data backup solutions.

  • Address virtual server backups and BYOD

    This section of our primer on data protection discusses some of the data protection options that deal with virtual server backups and BYOD.

  • Unitrends digests PHD Virtual, plans cloud backup acquisition

    Unitrends CEO Mike Coney discusses product roadmap and integration of virtual backup vendor PHD Virtual, and says another acquisition is coming.

  • Examining today's data protection solutions

    Exponential data growth, the need for more frequent data protection, the rise of server virtualization and a variety of other challenges have emerged over the past few years, and backup vendors have begun to offer alternatives to traditional nightly backups. This chapter takes a look at what is available in the market today to deal with some of these challenges.

    Learn about technologies like continuous data protection and deduplication that are aimed at easing backup of large data sets, as well as products designed to manage backup and archive together to reduce backup data. This chapter also discusses virtual server backup products from legacy backup software vendors as well as third-party upstarts. You will also learn more about the products available to protect mobile devices, many of which offer additional security and file sharing capabilities.

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