Remote data protection

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  • Dealing with remote office data backup

    Here's how Ford & Harrison, a legal practice with 18 offices located across the country, protected multiple terabytes of sensitive data scattered across multiple locations. 

  • Five signs that you are headed for a backup disaster

    Here are five warning signs that your data backup environment is in trouble. 

  • Does rational thinking have a place in data protection?

    Although it's possible to talk rationally about the risk of data loss -- and the ways to mitigate that risk -- it's a discussion that's often tinged with emotion. 

  • Podcast: Online backup addresses specific SMB, enterprise needs

    Stephanie Balaouras, backup and recovery analyst with Forester Research, and Andrew Burton, Editor of, discuss how online backup is employed in small- to medium-sized businesses, as well as how it's being used to address specific... 

  • Online backup product roundup

    Online services for storage management are growing more popular, especially when it comes to backup and recovery. Find out who's who in this rapidly evolving market. 

  • Online backup is a matter of trust

    Online backup services are emerging to address consumer and niche business backup needs. However, concerns about data security remain a barrier to adoption for many. 

  • Law firm goes for new remote office data backup

    Ford & Harrison goes for a new product from startup ROBObak designed for remote offices, but analysts say ROBObak is late to a crowded midrange data backup market. 

  • Backup Guide Chapter 6: Remote backup (PDF)

    You asked for it, so here it is -- a printable version of our Backup All-In-One Guide. Download Chapter 6: Remote backup in .pdf format now. 

  • How to purchase WAN and WAFS optimization products

    Instead of maintaining ad hoc IT infrastructures at each remote office, consolidation moves the IT resources back to a main data center, allowing centralized applications and data to be accessed remotely across a WAN link. WAFS is a key technology fo... 

  • backup robot

    A backup robot is an automated external USB storage device that supports multiple removable SATA hard drives. The device offers small businesses and consumers many of the benefits of smart storage without the cost or complexity of RAID systems. (Cont...