Remote data protection

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  • Remote data backup and recovery technology tutorial

    Learn about options for remote backup in this tutorial, including using in-house software, outsourcing to the cloud, WAN optimization, replication, data deduplication and continuous data protection. 

  • Data protection strategies for remote and branch offices

    Many large corporations have many smaller remote offices or branch offices (ROBOs) that create and use data. Learn the best strategy for your ROBO data protection. 

  • Tape backup for remote offices tutorial

    Backup is the largest problem for storage administrators today, and remote-office backup is especially challenging. Learn all about optimizing your tape strategy in this tutorial. 

  • Data backup and recovery technology tutorials

    Learn about the latest data backup and recovery technology trends in our technology tutorials. 

  • Cloud backup tutorial: How to leverage cloud backup services

    In this tutorial on cloud backup, you'll learn how cloud storage is changing data protection and disaster recovery and the cost differences of cloud backup vs. traditional backup. 

  • Continuous data protection in data backup FAQ

    Continuous data protection (CDP) is becoming an increasingly attractive data protection and backup option. But is CDP right for your business? W. Curtis Preston compares CDP to traditional backup in the SMB space in this FAQ. 

  • A tutorial on remote data backup technology

    Remote backup is one of the hottest topics in data backup today. Learn about remote-office backup software, WAN optimization, data dedupe and online backup, and backup trends. 

  • A product review of free and open-source backup utilities

    This product review of free and open-source backup utilities takes a look at products like AceBackup, Cobain Backup, FileFort, Memeo AutoBackup and more. 

  • How to implement remote backups

    Remote backups offer the speed and integrity of disk-based backup, while providing physical safety in supporting facilities across town or across the continent. This section of our Backup Best Practices guide offers advice that can help avoid common ... 

  • Online backup is a matter of trust

    Online backup services are emerging to address consumer and niche business backup needs. However, concerns about data security remain a barrier to adoption for many.