Tape backup and tape libraries

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    Exponential data growth, the need for more frequent data protection, the rise of server virtualization and a variety of other challenges have emerged over the past few years, and backup vendors have begun to offer alternatives to traditional nightly ... 

  • Identify and conquer today's backup challenges

    The last several years have brought about changes and challenges for backup administrators. Many have relied upon the same approach to data backups for decades, but the tried-and-true approach of nightly backups is becoming impractical. Exponential d... 

  • The backup target today

    There are many backup target options available with a wide range of price points. They include everything from tape drives and tape libraries to virtual tape libraries, deduplication arrays, integrated backup appliances and cloud backups.

  • What is data protection?

    Data backups have evolved to the point that they are hardly recognizable. For many organizations, the days of producing a nightly backup to tape are over. Exponential data growth and the need for near real-time data protection have driven organizatio... 

  • Aligning the linear tape file system for enterprise data archiving

    LTFS or Linear Tape File System allows data on LTO-5 and later tapes to be searched as if it were on disk. When LTFS emerged a few years ago, many predicted it would be a boon for long-term data archiving. That hasn't really proven to be true -- at l... 

  • Take the temperature of tape systems technology

    Tape media, drive and library technology advances with increasing capacity and innovations aimed at making data more accessible. While many shops have moved to disk for backup, tape systems are still the go-to for long term data retention, as tape is... 

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    For the eleventh year, Storage magazine and SearchStorage editors offer their list of storage technologies likely to have an impact on data centers in the coming year. Our choices focus on techs that have matured to the point where they’re ... 

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    Our research shows solid-state technology usage is skyrocketing, with more than a third of data storage shops using flash now. Dennis Martin, a leading expert on solid-state storage, describes how companies can use the still costly storage to their b... 

  • LTFS (Linear Tape File System)

    LTFS (Linear Tape File System) is a file system specification that allows Linear Tape-Open (LTO) storage technology to be indexed. 

  • backup log

    Backup log is a feature of backup applications that records the events that occur during a backup process.  

  • shoeshining or backhitching

    In tape backup, shoeshining (also known as backhitching) is the repeated back and forth motion a tape drive makes when there is interruption in the data stream. 

  • autoloader (or stackloader)

    A stackloader (also known as an autoloader) is a tape storage device that automatically loads tape cartridges using a robotic mechanism. 

  • LTO-5

    LTO-5 is an upcoming tape format from the Linear Tape Open Consortium. 

  • Tower of Hanoi backups

    Tower of Hanoi is a complex tape backup strategy that's useful for archiving data for an extended period of time in an economical manner by using a cycle of exponential retention periods instead of a large number of tapes. 

  • tape drive

    A tape drive is a device that stores computer data on magnetic tape, especially for backup and archiving purposes. 

  • tape library

    In data storage, a tape library is a collection of magnetic tape cartridges and tape drives. 

  • dual-layer magnetic tape (dual-side magnetic tape)

    Dual-layer magnetic tape, also known as dual-side magnetic tape, is a high-density storage medium capable of holding far more data than conventional tape backup... (Continued) 

  • tape

    In computers, tape is an external storage medium, usually both readable and writable, consisting of a loop of flexible celluloid-like material that can store data in the form of tiny magnetic fields that can be read and also erased. 

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Tape backup and tape libraries are essential to providing cost-effective, long-term data storage for all business types and sizes. Explore resources on backup and recovery with tape libraries here, including tutorials on LTO tape technology, recycling backup tapes and caring for your magnetic media. Stay up to date with the latest news about tape encryption and secure tape storage. Compare tape backup systems versus tape autoloaders, and compare tape library vendors. Find out about tape backup best practices and listen to podcasts and interviews from data storage industry experts. Learn how to choose the best library for your enterprise and ask our tape storage experts your most important questions.