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  • Top 5 backup/DR tips of 2007

    Here are the top 5 backup/DR tips of 2007, based on our readers' interest. This list covers topics such as data deduplication, LTO tapes and outsourcing backup.

  • How to back up virtual machines

    This tip outlines the options available for backing up VMWare environments, how each works, and the pros and cons of each approach.

  • Avoiding storage-related bottlenecks in virtualized env

    Although virtual machines can be managed like physical ones, many factors must be taken into account when designing a storage infrastructure for a virtualized environment. The only way storage mana...

  • Troubleshooting automated tape libraries

    Between shared libraries, LAN free backups, HBAs, drivers and firmware, many things can cause an automated tape library to function unpredictably. Learn how to troubleshoot automated tape library p...

  • How to resolve storage issues in virtualized server env

    Here are five storage-related issues that are likely to rear their ugly heads when you're creating a virtualized server environment.

  • How to choose a Web-based email archiving vendor

    Using a Web-based email archiving service is an attractive option for storage administrators. However, to get the most out of it, you have to select the right vendor. This tip outlines what you nee...

  • How to develop a VTL data retention strategy

    For VTL users, having a data retention strategy is crticial. Unlike with tape libraries, the space available for backups in a VTL is a finite resource.

  • What you need to know about LTO-4 tape

    This tip provides an overview of the Linear Tape-Open update to LTO-4, detailing its new features and what you need to consider before upgrading to LTO-4.

  • How to estimate your data deduplication ratio

    This tip details the factors that influence data deduplication ratio (the ratio of data before deduplication to the amount of data after deduplication), so you can estimate the data deduplication r...

  • How to destroy data on backup tapes

    This tip offers guidelines for destroying data on backup tapes, with information about degaussing, tape cartridge destruction, tape reuse and record keeping.

  • Implementing IBM Tivoli Storage Manager

    This four-part series of tips offers information that can help you decide if IBM's Tivoli Storage Manager is right for your environment and what you need to know before deploying the software.

  • CAS and data deduplication: Partners in archiving

    This tip explores CAS and data deduplication, discusses the uses for each and outlines the technologies' strengths and weaknesses.

  • Estimate the lifespan of LTO tapes

    This tip outlines what you need to consider when estimating the lifespan of LTO tape. It's not as black and white as LTO tape manufacturers would like you to believe.

  • Making the most of media pools

    Learn what media pools are and the benefits of using them for managing removable storage.

  • Best practices using IBM's Tivoli Storage Manager

    This is the second in a four-part series on IBM's TSM backup software. This segment outlines some of the best practices when designing and implementing a TSM backup environment.

  • In-band vs. out-of-band deduplication

    This tip compares and contrasts in-band and out-of-band deduplication and offers some pros and cons of each approach

  • IBM Tivoli Storage Manager vs. traditional backup

    Learn about the architectural concepts behind IBM's Tivoli Storage Manager backup software and the main differences with what are often referred to as "traditional" backup products. This piece is t...

  • Remote backup: Five tips in five minutes readers frequently ask questions about remote backup. This article offers a collection of expert responses to recent reader questions.

  • Long-term archiving dos and don'ts

    Restoring data from long-term archives can be difficult (or impossible) if your archive isn't in a readable format. This tip outlines some ways that you can ensure access to your data over time.

  • Get ready for agentless backup

    This tip offers information on how this agentless backup works, its pros and cons and what to consider before adopting this technology.