Data Backup Tips | Page 18


  • Choosing an email archiving strategy

    This tip outlines three potential strategies to consider for email archiving, and the benefits and drawbacks of each.

  • Integrate a virtual tape library with real tape

    Storage expert Rick Cook explains how hanging a tape drive or library off of a VTL and pruning your data are two ways to integrate your VTL with tape.

  • Prepare for next-generation data backup

    Learn how to plan and be well-prepared for changes, new technologies and techniques in data protection.

  • How to troubleshoot your D2D2T system

    Checking your tape drive, inspecting your logs and adjusting your buffers can help you to determine what may be wrong with your D2D2T system.

  • Is a VTL right for your organization?

    Ever since virtual tape libraries were ported to open systems, the technology has gained in popularity. This tip will help you evaluate the reasons why you may or may not want to implement virtual ...

  • Taking another look at solid-state disk

    The price of solid-state disks over the past few years has decreased dramatically. This tip outlines how this price change has changed the way companies use solid-state disk.

  • Three steps for evaluating a VTL product

    This tip offers three helpful steps for evaluating a virtual tape library (VTL), virtual tape system or disk library and a template that can be used for comparison evaluations.

  • Backup guidelines: Keeping off-site storage 'in-house'

    You may have considered handling your long-term tape media storage internally for security or cost-efficiency reasons. This tip provides in-house tape handling and storage information that can save...

  • Disaster recovery approaches for your virtual tape libr

    It's possible for you to leverage your virtual tape library (VTL) to support business continuance (BC) and disaster recovery (DR) products. Learn how a VTL can be an integral part of a data protect...

  • Best practices: Optimizing your backups

    Most organizations back up data one way or another nowadays -- but just how many do it well? This tip will show you some of the areas of backups you should consider optimizing.

  • Can SATA handle nearline apps?

    New SATA drivers are tailored for nearline apps like backup and archiving.

  • Used tape sales on the rise

    Pre-used tapes are becoming a popular and inexpensive trend among IT professionals. Become familiar with the possible risks of using used tape in your environment.

  • Virtual tape libraries: No pain, much gain

    Virtual tape libraries make the move to disk-to-disk backup or archiving much simpler, but become familiar with the advantages and disadvantages before making your move.

  • Choosing Linux backup software

    There are a number of Linux backup software products to choose from, but the decision should be based on the user''s experience level and specific business backup needs.

  • Archiving unstructured data

    Companies must find ways to automate and simplify the process of archiving files and e-mail messages. ECM software addresses this large pool of unstructured data.

  • Securing the tape custody chain

    Backup tapes are priceless and keeping them safe and protected needs to be a top priority. Here are four steps you should take to ensure your tapes reach their destination safely.

  • Compress, then encrypt tapes

    This tip explains when your data should be encrypted, and details some programs that can help you with this process.

  • Virtual tape evolves to survive

    This tip explains how virtual tape libraries (VTLs) work and what they are useful for. It also explores changes currently occuring in the VTL world.

  • Planning a centralized backup system

    This tip will help you decide if centralized backup is appropriate for your needs and offers information about the products available to you.

  • Compliance archiving tools

    This Tech Roundup discusses how compliance archiving tools are used, how they are evolving and what the competitive landscape looks like.