Data Backup Tips | Page 18


  • Should you archive spam?

    Sure, spam is a waste of storage space, but before you delete it, you better figure out your legal liability.

  • Pros and cons of VTLs

    VTLs aren't perfect, and this tip outlines some caveats about the technology that you need to know before implementing a VTL.

  • Tape libraries across platforms

    This tip offers practical methods that can enable a single enterprise tape environment that spans both open and legacy systems.

  • Replacing tape backup with Avamar

    With many companies looking for alternatives to tape, Ed Holmes' story is is not unique. His company recently switched from tape to Avamar for backup.

  • Troubleshoot multi-volume restores

    Learn to identify and correct the causes of several common error messages when restoring multiple tapes.

  • How to keep stored data safe

    Tapes are especially vulnerable to security breaches because they are inherently portable, often transported off site and contain everything in the enterprise's computers.

  • Big-time data protection

    Need storage that won't quit, on a barely-there budget? Look close to home.

  • The ABCs of CDP

    CDP is a relatively new genre of backup technology, and like all new technologies, it still fosters questions about its merits and pitfalls.

  • The year's best backup software

    If this year's best backup software category is any indication, when it comes to data protection, companies might do well to think small.

  • Product Roundup: Backup software

    In this product roundup, we discuss how backup software is used, how it is evolving and what the competitive landscape looks like.

  • How to architect tiered backup

    Find out how e-mail ASP Silverpop used disk-to-disk-to-tape for reliable data protection.

  • Cheap SATA spurs D2D

    New disk-to-disk (D2D) backup appliances complement -- and in some cases replace -- traditional tape backup.

  • Tape prices are going up

    Maxell Corp. has recently announced that it will be increasing its prices, and most other tape vendors are doing the same.

  • Seven ways to minimize tape failure

    Just like any technology, tape drives, backup tapes and tape backup software can fail. But there are ways to minimize the chances of failure.

  • Making disk-based backup work

    Learn how to improve performance and reduce management problems by incorporating low-cost disk into your data protection plan.

  • Maximize your mirrored tape controller

    Mirrored tape controllers can do a whole lot more than just make mirrored copies of tapes during the backup process.

  • Why you need a backup reporting tool

    Backup reporting tools can save systems administrators and users a lot of time and energy.

  • How long does tape last?

    Fear of tape degradation has led many storage professionals to rewrite their critical tapes every year to keep data fresh.

  • Dumping old disks safely

    Think you can just chuck those used disks in the garbage? Think again. This tip outlines how to properly dispose of disk to stay within environmental and governmental guidelines.

  • The dirt on WORM tape

    In light of new compliance concerns, tape-based WORM can be an inexpensive alternative optical WORMs. This tip has more on this tape option.