Data Backup Tips | Page 18
  • What happened to CDP?

    George Crump of Storage Switzerland looks at how continuous data protection has evolved over the past 10 years.

  • How a security breach impacts restoring data from a backup

    Once you've established how an attacker penetrated your network's defenses, and what they did after gaining access, the real work of restoring data begins in the wake of a security breach.

  • Hypervisor snapshots get app-aware

    Brien Posey discusses why hypervisor-based snapshots can cause problems when they're applied to application servers and how application awareness can mitigate the issue.

  • The Internet of Things and backing up data

    Brien Posey discusses ways the Internet of Things will impact backing up data, including data growth and the difficulty of protecting information on nontraditional computing devices.


  • Product Roundup: Backup software

    In this product roundup, we discuss how backup software is used, how it is evolving and what the competitive landscape looks like.

  • How to architect tiered backup

    Find out how e-mail ASP Silverpop used disk-to-disk-to-tape for reliable data protection.

  • Cheap SATA spurs D2D

    New disk-to-disk (D2D) backup appliances complement -- and in some cases replace -- traditional tape backup.

  • Tape prices are going up

    Maxell Corp. has recently announced that it will be increasing its prices, and most other tape vendors are doing the same.

  • Seven ways to minimize tape failure

    Just like any technology, tape drives, backup tapes and tape backup software can fail. But there are ways to minimize the chances of failure.

  • Making disk-based backup work

    Learn how to improve performance and reduce management problems by incorporating low-cost disk into your data protection plan.

  • Maximize your mirrored tape controller

    Mirrored tape controllers can do a whole lot more than just make mirrored copies of tapes during the backup process.

  • Why you need a backup reporting tool

    Backup reporting tools can save systems administrators and users a lot of time and energy.

  • How long does tape last?

    Fear of tape degradation has led many storage professionals to rewrite their critical tapes every year to keep data fresh.

  • Dumping old disks safely

    Think you can just chuck those used disks in the garbage? Think again. This tip outlines how to properly dispose of disk to stay within environmental and governmental guidelines.

  • The dirt on WORM tape

    In light of new compliance concerns, tape-based WORM can be an inexpensive alternative optical WORMs. This tip has more on this tape option.

  • Disk's new role in backup

    By inserting a disk staging area between a backup server and a tape library, you're able to back up more servers simultaneously, leading to quicker restores.

  • FAQ: Serverless backup

    Our site experts define serverless backup, explain the difference between LAN-free backups and serverless backups, and tell how to design a server-free backup architecture.

  • Errors in Exchange backups

    In this tip, Rick Cook outlines various dilemmas that could lead to errors while backing up your Microsoft Exchange Server, and shows you what the ultimate fix is.

  • Domino backups getting easier

    Backing up Lotus Domino is a lot easier with the versions R5 and R6. However, there are still a number of challenges to making effective backups of Domino servers, listed here.

  • Think small to avert big disasters

    Jon Toigo says there are several approaches to dealing with the prospect of the loss of a single critical file, and outlines three of them here.

  • All-in-one backup suite right for you?

    With the promise of "LAN-free" backups, improved restore times and an affordable price tag, a backup bundle might just be the way for you to go.

  • Design critical in data compression ba

    Compressing data for tape backup is not only reliable, but can also improve backup performance and produce hardware savings. But if not designed properly, it can cause bottlenecks.

  • Is replication worth it?

    Data replication is a good way of solving backup problems and quick restores. However without some careful forethought, replication can actually cause more problems than it solves.

  • Is switching to BrightStor worth it?

    If you want to switch your backup software to cut costs, Pierre Dorion suggests you consider new costs such as training for new skills since this can overshadow any savings.