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Safe at home: File sync vs. data backups

The use of both file syncs and backups could be beneficial for enterprises, as each has its advantages. Pay particular attention to security and point-in-time recovery.

Nexsan launches cloud edition of Assureon immutable vault

Nexsan Assureon can now be deployed on Azure and private clouds, no longer tying its immutable storage and active archive capabilities to Unity appliances.


Arcserve UDP 8.0 update focuses on ransomware protection

After its latest update, Arcserve's flagship data protection software has integrated Sophos security and supports AWS S3 Object Lock to make backups immutable.


The top 3 requirements for data backup and recovery

Data protection teams are responsible for some of an organization's most critical activities. The right policies, testing and technologies are key to a backup and recovery plan.

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Data Backup Basics

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    Kubernetes backup demands new IT practices and tools

    IT admins need to evolve their backup strategies to accommodate for the highly dynamic nature of Kubernetes environments -- and the right tool can go a long way.

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    storage snapshot

    A storage snapshot is a set of reference markers for data at a particular point in time.

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    Emphasize backup for container data protection

    As container adoption continues to grow, admins have to rethink their data backup and protection strategies. Luckily, there are some best practices and tools that can help.

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