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A look at the latest developments in VTL technology

Brien Posey looks at the evolution of virtual tape library technology to offer security and compliance features.

What are the latest developments in VTL technology?

At one time, virtual tape library technology was almost exclusively about providing a way to use disk-based storage instead of tape. Today, virtual tape library technology is mature and virtual tape libraries offer features that are geared toward security and compliance. For example, there are virtual tape libraries on the market that are Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS)-compliant and that use AES encryption-based replication.

The virtual tape library vendors have also offered far more flexibility when it comes to deduplicated storage. Although virtual tape libraries have long supported deduplication of data, some of the devices on the market today allow administrators to choose which form of deduplication they want to use by supporting things like inline, concurrent, and post-process deduplication. Global deduplication support is also offered by some vendors.

Another trend among virtual tape library vendors is high availability. Some vendors offer clustered virtual tape libraries that are resilient to failure.

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