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A simple trick to overwriting tape labels

Can you tell me how to get the native NT backup in Windows 2000 server to accept new tapes or if there is a write up somewhere that I can reference?

I am in a jam with a client that wants to replace its outdated tapes. I tried everything I can think of and I still get the message stating that the backup process cannot be started due to unspecified media in the drive. Now, I can't even go back to the old tapes due to the same message.

Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated.

Unfortunately, I don't get much experience with the NetBackup command. It sounds like you need to overwrite the labels on the tapes. Here's what I got from the help section.

To format a tape:

1. Open Backup.
2. On the Restore tab, right-click the tape you want to format.
3. Click Format.

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