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A simple way to set up a daily backup

Help! I'm in the computer consulting and services business for myself, but have little experience with tape backup configuration. My client has Backup Exec 8.0 running on his server (OS: Win2000 Server) and desires to use the same 10 tapes over and over as a daily backup system. I have tried to configure this program at least six or seven times, and it always runs OK for a few days, but will eventually give me a "backup failed" message, and reject the tape as not "available" in one fashion or another. I've tried moving all tapes to scratch media and then back to the "set 1," as the backup is set up to use, but as usual, no luck. Is there a simple way to set up a daily backup that will overwrite any tape that is in the slot? Thanks in advance for any assistance you can offer.
The simplest way is to configure the media overwrite protection to "none," and deselect the "prompt to overwrite" option. The downside to this is that any media in the drive during the scheduled backup will be overwritten, so you need to be extremely careful if you decide to do this. Should you not want to change your overwrite protection, you could also manually erase the media prior to running your automated backup.

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