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Backup error messages

My small company's main server is supposed to backup to another computer's hard drive every 15 minutes. When the main server tries to backup, an error message shows up and says ""drive name" is not a valid drive or you do not have access." Do you know why the main server is not able to backup?


You didn't specify the OS, but I'm guessing this is Windows. I'm not sure if the error is talking about the source drive or the destination drive. If it's the destination drive, this is not a backup issue, but a CIFS issue. Your network drive is not available. You need to verify that you can read and write to that network drive before you run your backup. If it's complaining about the SOURCE drive, it could be saying that you don't have permission to back up that drive. You might need to be in the administrator's group to back up that drive.

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This was last published in August 2002

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