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Best practices to migrate data from cloud to cloud

Independent backup expert Brien Posey discusses best practices to migrate data from one cloud provider to another, in this Expert Answer.

What is the best approach to migrate data off cloud storage or to another cloud provider?

One of the big problems with using cloud storage is that the cloud storage market is still maturing. Given the fluidity of the market, organizations must have an exit strategy in place in case their cloud storage provider goes out of business.

One possible solution to this problem is to make use of a cloud migration service. CloudBerry for example, offers a service to migrate data between such providers as Amazon, Microsoft and Rackspace.

Some organizations use cloud storage purely as a replication target. For those organizations, it may be possible to simply point to a new provider rather than having to perform a true migration of the data.

For those organizations that do have to perform a true migration, the most common technique is to bring the data back on-premises, then copy it to the new cloud storage provider. Of course, this method is inefficient and can be expensive. That being the case, some providers have actually started providing direct cloud-to-cloud migration capabilities. For example, Google and TwinStrata offer such capabilities.

Yet another approach is to use a backup of data that is stored on the cloud to seed the new provider's storage.

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