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CDP’s (continuous data protection) advantages in virtual server backup

Find out the advantages CDP (continuous data protection) offers in backing up virtual servers in this Expert Response from Brien Posey.

I've heard that CDP can be a good approach for backing up virtual servers. What advantages does CDP offer from a virtual server backup standpoint?

Continuous Data Protection (CDP) is a technology by which servers are backed up throughout the day rather than requiring a single monolithic backup to be performed each night. In a virtual server environment there are a number of advantages to using CDP.

One of the main advantages is that CDP completely does away with the concept of a nightly backup window. Backups can be run on a continual basis without affecting server or application availability.

Another advantage to CDP is that once the initial backup has been made, blocks of data are backed up as they are modified. This approach goes a long way toward minimizing the backup process’s impact on the host server’s disk I/O consumption. It also helps to conserve backup storage space.

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