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Configuring a backup tape library: Top mistakes to avoid

Can you describe the top three mistakes that are made when configuring a tape library?
One of the big mistakes is not making sure the backup software has permission rights and security privileges to access the servers and/or files that are to be backed up. For example, if the server containing your accounting data has been secured well but the backup software isn't allowed to read it, that critical data will not be backed up. The best approach is to make a checklist of servers, folders and files you need to have backed up regularly, and then verify that your backup software has the appropriate permissions to access the data.

Also, the backup software should be able to address the library properly. If the correct drivers aren't present, the data won't be interpreted properly.

Finally, setting up preventative maintenance and rotation schedules should be done immediately; doing a retrofit as an afterthought is always problematic. If it is not done immediately, it is easy to put off doing it until it is too late.

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