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Correctly assigning scratch media to pools

Backup operations and compliance expert Ashley D'Costa discusses a reader's question: "How do I automatically re-assign scratch media to the correct pool?"

In Backup Exec 9.1, when tapes are erased through a scheduled job, they go to scratch media automatically. If I run a job and select it to overwrite, this re-locates the media accordingly. However, if I have two jobs starting at the same time, both set to overwrite the media (otherwise it will fail), then the backup tapes will be overwritten by whatever job. I need a way to automatically re-assign scratch media to the correct pool.
I'm assuming that you're not using the append and overwrite protection and you're telling Backup Exec to overwrite whatever is in the drive at the time. This type of configuration does not allow the ADAMM database to put the tape back in the overwritable state in the media set it came from. You have to use the overwrite function and then it will behave properly.

Bottom line: To achieve what you're looking for is not going to be very straight forward and might require some pre and post scripting to direct Backup Exec your way.

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