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Data deduplication vendors work to accelerate process

Backup expert Brien Posey explains how data deduplication vendors are working to speed up the process.

Can you outline some of the ways that data deduplication vendors are accelerating deduplication performance today?

One of the ways that data deduplication vendors are trying to optimize the deduplication process is to use a combination of deduplication methods. For target-based deduplication, some vendors start out by performing post-process deduplication after the first backup completes. Once the initial deduplication process finishes, the backup target begins using inline deduplication. Inline deduplication usually achieves faster results, but is not the best choice for high-volume workloads, such as an initial backup.

Editor’s note: For recent news about how backup vendors are accelerating deduplication, check out the following articles:

HP StoreOnce Catalyst accelerates dedupe
HP StoreOnce Catalyst speeds the dedupe process by deduping at the application and backup servers before moving data to the B6200 backup target. 

EMC aims DD Boost at Oracle RMAN
EMC looks to give Oracle RMAN a DD Boost by extending its Data Domain dedupe-enhancement software to the database recovery application.

Quantum puts DXi Accent on dedupe backup target
Quantum looks to take on EMC’s Data Domain Boost with its DXi Accent software that offloads part of the data dedupe backup process to media servers. 

EMC Avamar data dedupe software gets a DD Boost
EMC makes its two backup dedupe products work better together, adding DD Boost support for Avamar 6.0 client-side dedupe backup; also tightens Avamar’s integration with VMware. 


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Vendors are re-checking the data and removing those data that are repeated. They are also looking to manage data under a certain pool. It means they are channelizing data under a particular category. In this way-duplication is checked and overall the space is also stored. Software’s also takes care of such issues within a small amount of time.