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Designing a SAN with multiple servers using serverless backup

I'm planning on implementing a SAN with two or more servers (W2K3 clustered) and using a serverless backup (tape library) architecture. What would be the best way to design this? What hardware would be needed? I?d appreciate it if you could diagram it out for me.
Spend the $20 and buy my book " Storage Area Networks for Dummies". There is a whole chapter with diagrams on simple backup solutions using FC-AL hubs and shared tape drives. You don't need expensive software for a simple solution like this either. You can simply alternate access between the cluster nodes for backup, using the integrated Windows backup utility. Since you are going to be using a cluster, you will require shared disk for the application resources (this can be a simple shelf of FC-AL based drives through a hub) and an HBA in each server for disk and another for tape (connected to another hub). This should not run you more than a few grand to implement. Remember that when using hubs, always keep the disk traffic separate from the tape traffic by using dedicated loops for each.

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