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Disk-based backup vs. tape

I am looking for a reliable backup system for a small business that backs up only about 1GB of information a day. I was thing data/tape drive might be the best solution but I am getting some push back that tapes are not reliable. I disagree but I'm looking for some guidance.
I agree. Not only are tapes unreliable, the ones that they sell to small businesses are even more so. I've personally been burned several times by that whole genre of tapes. I think that disk-based backup systems are the best option for small businesses as they are much more reliable and a whole lot less trouble.

One product that I like the looks of is RocketVault from IntraDyn. It's a new product and a new company but I like what they've done. You get 240 GB backup in a box for $1,495 and there are bigger systems available. It supports on-site and off-site backups. I haven't used it personally but I like what I've seen.

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