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Do many backup and archive products support Linear Tape File System?

Brien Posey discusses the slow development of Linear Tape File System products for backup or archiving in this Expert Answer.

Have you seen any new interesting products utilizing LTFS for backup or archive?

I have not seen a lot of products that utilize Linear Tape File System (LTFS) for backup or archive yet. I think that the reason for this boils down to simple economics. The storage industry is heavily invested in disk-based storage and seems to be pushing the idea that tape is dead. LTFS tends to have a lower price per gigabyte than disk-based storage, so it is more profitable for the storage industry to sell disk-based storage technologies than tape-based storage.

To date, most of the development of LTFS products has been aimed at the media and entertainment industry. Recently, however, we've seen a few new products emerging in the enterprise storage and backup space.

For example, Oracle added LTFS software that works across the entire StorageTek tape libraries and Quantum added support for LTFS tape to its vmPRO virtual machine backup software.

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Not so many products support LTFS... And what product does? Names please ;)
SGI's Storehouse
ASG digital archive
Simply put - why should an existing ISV, which has enormous development effort invested in their solution that ALREADY works with LTO technologies, change horses mid-stream for a johnny-come-lately that uses a format that is so full of holes that you can't restore from it the day after you wrote the tape?