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Finding an enterprise backup solution for different mobile platforms

Backup expert Brien Posey discusses the issues with finding an enterprise backup product that is compatible with different mobile platforms.

A lot of backup applications designed for personal use only offer iOS and Android support as RIM/Blackberry devices continue to lose market share. Is that the case with endpoint backup software as well?

This is certainly an issue to some extent. There is no denying that Blackberry and Windows devices have a smaller market share than iOS and Android. The bigger issue, however, is that it is difficult to find a backup application that works with multiple mobile platforms, and still does a decent job. A big part of the reason for this is that the mobile vendors build some serious limitations into the mobile devices, and these limitations severely impact the backup process.

To give you a more concrete example, Apple limits iOS devices so that only calendar data, photos, contacts and videos can be backed up. Similarly, Android devices must be rooted in order to do a full enterprise backup. Otherwise, it is only possible to back up things like calendar data, text messages, contacts, call logs, system settings and applications.

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