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Having troubles with backup

It's Sunday morning in NYC and support for my Easy CD Creator 5 is not available. Maybe you can help me with a backup problem. When I try to copy my Quickbooks and/or Eurdora Pro files to a CD, the backup goes just fine. But, when I try to open the files they say "read only." I can find nothing in glossaries as to what this is. I've gone into the properties file for the files I want to create and they have "Archive" checked, not read-only, etc. Should I uncheck Archive and try to copy? I've also gone in Control Panel and dragged files onto the CD but I still run into the same problem. Thanks for whatever help you can give me.

You didn't specify whether you were using CD-R or CD-RW. It sounds like you must be using CD-R, as copying the files from one hard drive to another (even a CD-RW drive) should not cause the read-only bit to be turned on. If you're using CD-R, all files will be marked as read-only, since it's a read-only media. If you're copying the files to the drive as a backup, try using a zip product like WinZip. It will create a backup copy on the read-only media that contains read-write versions of the files. Then, when you restore them from the zip file, they will still be read-write. If you're trying to copy the files to CD-R to actually USE them there that will not work, as it is a read-only media.

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