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How VMware backups differ from Hyper-V, Xen backup

Find out how VMware backups differ from Hyper-V or Xen backup in this Expert Response from Brien Posey.

How are VMware backups different from Hyper-V or Xen backup? Also, do most hypervisor-level backup products offer file-level restore at this point?

Believe it or not, there are actually more similarities between Hyper-V and VMware than a lot of people realize. As such, the general approach to backing up hosts tends to remain fairly consistent regardless of which hypervisor is being used.

However, there is no denying that VMware is more popular than Hyper-V in enterprise environments and that has led many backup vendors to focus their efforts on offering backup solutions for VMware. As such, there are more products for VMware backups than there are products for backing up Hyper-V or Citrix servers. Many of the VMware-specific backup products also tend to offer more advanced features than what is available for other hypervisors.

To the second question about hypervisor-level backup products offering file-level restore, many do, but this certainly isn’t a universal offering, particularly for Hyper-V backup applications.

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