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How can I retrieve mail from my backup server without a dial-up connection?

I'm using Notes/Domino 6.5.3. I normally receive SMTP mail directly, but my second MX record points to my ISP's mail server as a backup. In order to retrieve mail from it, I need to send an ETRN command, but the only connection document option seems to suggest that this can only be done with a dial-up connection. Have I missed something obvious?
You don't need a dial-up connection; this can be done with a "standard" Local Area Network connection.

Check your mail routing connection document to see whether the mail connection is the default "Push only." Change it to "Pull Only" or "Pull Push." You will then be able to set the "Pull routing request protocol" to SMTP, which technically sends the outgoing mail then issues an ETRN command to have the destination server send pending mail down.

The routing task in this configuration should be "Mail Routing."

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