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How does the Cloud to Cloud Backup feature work with Asigra Cloud Backup?

The Cloud to Cloud Backup feature is part of Asigra's agentless Cloud Backup software platform. Learn how it is used in this Expert Answer.

The Cloud to Cloud Backup feature protects data created in the cloud using popular software as a service (SaaS) applications. It was first added to the agentless Asigra Cloud Backup software platform in 2012, when the company announced the ability to back up Salesforce.com data. Asigra has since added the ability to protect Google Apps and Microsoft Office 365 data. Backup data from these applications can be integrated and managed with the rest of an organization's data, and stored on the premises or in an Asigra partner's cloud. Users can also schedule automated backups at regular intervals and retain data to meet their organization's regulatory compliance needs. Asigra Cloud Backup software also offers Advanced Encryption Standard 256-bit encryption for data in flight and at rest, and an automated restore function to repopulate data created in the cloud.

There is a common misconception that because data is created in the cloud, the SaaS provider is responsible for backing up data. And while they do create backups for their own purposes, users pay a fee to recover any data.

Salesforce.com, for example, offers a service called Data Recovery. According to the company's website, Data Recovery is a "last resort process [which can be used to] recover your data at a specific point in time, in the case that it has been permanently deleted or mangled during a data import." The service has a flat rate of $10,000; according to Salesforce.com, the price is based on the amount of manual work and time needed to perform the recovery (usually a minimum of 20 days).

A number of vendors, such as Backupify and Spanning, also offer backup software designed to protect data created in the cloud, but Asigra is the first to build the function into an all-purpose backup application. The company sells its Asigra Cloud Backup software exclusively through channel partners.

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