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How snapshotting improves virtual server data protection

Snapshots allow recovery operations to occur faster than otherwise possible. Find out how snapshotting improves virtual server data protection.

How are snapshots being used today to improve virtual server data protection?

Simply put, snapshots allow recovery operations to occur much more quickly than might otherwise be possible. When a virtual machine needs to be reverted to a prior state, a full restoration could potentially take hours to complete (depending on the amount of data being restored). In contrast, a snapshot can be restored in a matter of seconds.

It is worth noting that rapid snapshot recovery is only possible because rolling back a snapshot is different from restoring a backup. Snapshots do not contain a full copy of the data as a backup would. Instead, snapshots are based on the use of differencing disks or pointers. As such, snapshots are more of a convenience feature than a true mechanism for protecting against data loss.

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