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How to carry out a backup and recovery audit

I am wondering if you have any tips (i.e. checklists) for carrying out a backup and recovery audit. That's a pretty...

broad question. An audit is really a matter of checking what you know you have against what you can verify has been backed up. But putting that into an easy checklist is not easy. What you should do is get good lists of what you have and what you're backing up.

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What you have: I would automate discovering your network for computers and listing what those computers have on them including filesystems, databases, etc. Don't do it manually if you can. Manual lists get out of date very fast. What you're backing up: Comb logs, reports, etc. and create a list of what's getting backed up. Also look for backup errors, etc. There is a really good tool called that does a lot of this for you.

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