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Hypervisor-level backup efficient for VM backups

Find out the two reasons why hypervisor-level backups are more efficient for VM backups in this Expert Response from Brien Posey.

Why is hypervisor-level backup more efficient?

Hypervisor-level backups tend to be more efficient for VM backups for a couple of reasons. First, a hypervisor-level backup implies that everything on the host server is going to be backed up. This means that you can back up all of the virtual machines without having to manage each virtual machine backup individually.

Another reason why hypervisor-level backups tend to be more efficient has to do with the backup scheduling. If you were to back up each virtual machine individually, you could easily run into a situation in which several virtual machines were being backed up at the same time. This could lead to excessive network bandwidth consumption and excessive disk I/O. Performing backups at the host level avoids the resource consumption issues that so often occur with guest-level backups.

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