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In-house vs. public cloud archiving

Brien Posey offers information about public cloud archiving in this Expert Answer.

Is the public cloud suitable for archiving or should archives be maintained in-house?

Public cloud archiving might make sense from a cost standpoint. SANs and other high-capacity storage systems tend to be expensive. Moving archived data to a public cloud frees up on-premises storage for data that is more current.

One of the potential disadvantages to public cloud archiving is that the data is out of the organization's direct control. It could potentially be exposed if the cloud provider has a security breach or the data could be lost completely if the cloud service provider unexpectedly goes out of business or suffers a disaster.

Another disadvantage of public cloud archiving is that not all cloud service providers comply with the same regulations that require organizations to retain archived data. The organization must therefore perform due diligence to make sure that they can legally archive data to the cloud.

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