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Is backup necessary for data stored in file sync services?

Eric Slack of Storage Switzerland discusses whether it is necessary to back up data stored in file sync services in this Expert Response.

Should you back up contents of file sync services like Box.com? Why or why not?

Box has multiple data centers and, according to their website, back up the files you upload and disperse them to multiple geographic locations. Aside from sharing files with others and sharing files across their own devices, many people use Box (and other, similar file sync services) because it gives them an effective backup with the copy kept in the provider's cloud.

As to whether you 'should' back up the files you put into Box, it depends on your level of confidence in the cloud and how precious your files are. In the early days of the cloud, this was a common objection, that users didn't know how safe their data was. But frankly, most cloud data centers are probably better run than some company data centers; it's their business, after all. It's safe to say their data center is more secure than a user's home office.

However, it's also not uncommon to use multiple cloud providers to protect against one going out of business or just to have another copy out there. For this there are file sync services like mover_io (backupbox) that can move data between cloud accounts. Mover_io currently supports over 20 of these clouds including Box, DropBox, Egnyte, SugarSync, Copy (Barracuda), GoogleDrive, OneDrive, Office365, etc.

Bottom line: If you're not confident with Box to safely store your data (or any cloud provider, for that matter) I'd probably copy the data to another cloud service or two.

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