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Leading online backup providers

Who are the leading online backup providers today? Who would you suggest using and why? What is their recovery solution?

The two major enterprise backup providers, Veritas and Legato, both provide online backup solutions. Which one you choose depends on your needs.

Veritas NetBackup
The Veritas NetBackup solution provides a heteropeneious backup solution for many operating systems. Performance is a key component to the NetBackup solution since it allows multiple data sources to be streamed to a single tape. NetBackup also enables the backup administrator to control detailed configuration and automation features. Finally, what people seem to like most about NetBackup is its ease of use and advanced reporting features.

For online backups, Veritas NetBackup has add-on modules to support Oracle, Exchange, MS-SQL, SAP R/3, Informix, Sybase, DB2, and Lotus Notes.

Legato Networker
Legato stresss its support for both SANs and NAS platforms. Legato is on the board of directors for the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) and was Network Appliance's primary partner in the development of the NDMP protocol used to backup NAS devices. Networker also provides parallel streaming for efficient tape drive usage. Networker was designed for large-scale enterprise environments; therefore, it can scale to handle multiple terabytes of data and provides advanced media management to handle all those tapes.

Legato Network provides online backup support for Oracle, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL, Lotus Notes, and Informix.

Again, depending on your needs, either one could work for you. I suggest you compare your needs to the information I have provided, and research each product thoroughly.

More information can be found by clicking on the Veritas and Legato Web sites.

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