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Mobile and laptop backups increasingly practical

Backup expert Brien Posey discusses how laptop computer backups have become a manageable task after decades as a thorn in the sides of IT pros.

Laptops have been around for a long time. So, what's driving today's increased interest in data protection on endpoints?

Laptops and mobile devices have always been a thorn in the IT administrator's side. For decades, administrators have experienced the pain and frustration that comes with data loss related to laptops. It wasn't that administrators did not want to perform laptop backups, it was that until relatively recently there just was not a good way to do it.

The recent interest in backing up laptops and mobile devices probably has to do primarily with the fact that there are now practical ways of performing those backups. Of course, compliance concerns and the fact that more users are working from mobile devices today than ever before is also bound to play a role in the increased emphasis on laptop backups. The fact that there have been some high-profile examples of data loss is almost certain to also be a factor.

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