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Mobile backup and file-sharing tools converge

Backup expert Brien Posey discusses the convergence of mobile backup and file-sharing tools that is occurring in the enterprise backup space.

A trend we have been watching is the increasing convergence of laptop and mobile backup tools with collaboration and file-sharing tools. Is there a big demand for this in the market? And do you expect to see additional convergence with other tools or tasks?

I think that, as time goes on, every enterprise backup application will eventually offer full support for backing up laptops and mobile devices. The vendors will be missing out on a huge revenue opportunity if they do not offer this capability. Never mind the fact that they will lose market share to competitors.

I also agree with the idea that collaboration and file-sharing tools are beginning to blur together. However, I also think that there are some other areas to watch as well. I think that, as time goes on, we might see a convergence between backup software and image-based deployment software or possibly a convergence between backup software and virtual lab software.

Virtual lab software allows organizations to create a virtualized environment that they can use to test upgrades, new applications, patch management, etc. There are already some vendors that have begun experimenting with such convergences.

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