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More backup application vendors support object storage

Independent backup expert Brien Posey discusses whether backup application vendors are adding support for object storage today and why.

Are backup software platforms integrating with object storage today? Why or why not?

There are currently some backup application vendors that offer a degree of support for object storage. CommVault comes immediately to mind. There are also some open source solutions for object storage.

Although many of the major backup application vendors have yet to embrace object storage, I think that it is only a matter of time before object storage protection becomes a more readily available feature. The reason for this is simple. Object storage is becoming more common and there will soon be a greater demand for backup software support.

I think of the situation as being similar to the state of the virtualization market a few years back. For a long time, products from backup application vendors didn't play well with server virtualization platforms, but eventually, market demand drove the backup vendors to provide better support. Today, every major backup product supports server virtualization, and Veeam is based solely around virtualization.

The factor that is most likely to lead to more widespread acceptance of object storage is the explosive data growth that we have today. Object storage is great for storing large volumes of relatively static data. Object storage can easily provide hundreds of terabytes or even multiple petabytes of data storage.

Given the fact that object storage is good for accommodating large volumes of relatively static data, it could become the archive platform of choice for large enterprises, as it is already the type of storage that is favored by cloud storage providers. While tape-based archives are undeniably less expensive, object storage-based archives will allow organizations to avoid the hassles of removable media while also potentially keeping archive data online and accessible.

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