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More on NDMPs and Windows 2000 SAK

Regarding Randy Kerns' response comparing NDMP and Windows SAK, I would like to know if there are NDMP agents for Windows 2000, which is what SAK is based on. If so, what backup software packages are available?

There are several backup packages that support NAS, such as Networker and Backup Exec. Do these packages use NDMP to manage the Windows SAK NAS?

Microsoft does not supply NDMP agents for the SAK as I understand it. You need to get them from the vendor that supplies the NAS product that uses the SAK such as Compaq or IBM. Legato Networker and Veritas NetBackup are examples of backup software that support NDMP (there are many others, just check the specs). They work with the specific NAS products from vendors that support NDMP. Check the NAS product specs and they will list which ones are supported.

Randy Kerns
Evaluator Group, Inc.

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